Midsummer Sunset Makeup Look



Hello loves!

I wanted to create a makeup look for the celebration of Midsummer Day. In Finland Midsummer Day is a special day, especially in the nort where the sun doesn’t actually set. In the northern part of Finland the day is actually two days long, which is incredible and magical. And here in the south where I live, the sun sets at 2am and rises up again at 4am.

This is why I made a sunset inspired look, for the sun that doesn’t set. Hope you like my makeup look because it’s my first one on my blog. Happy Midsummer Day!

NYX, HD Photogenic Concealer Wand in CW01 Porcelain
Flow Cosmetics, Mineral Powder Foundation in Ivory
Maybelline, Face Studio Master Heat Blush in 100 Peach Pop
The Balm, Mary-Lou Manizer

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in EP04 Brown

Lumene, Beauty Base Eyeshadow Primer
Makeup Geek, Yeshadow Pan, shades Peach Smoothie, Créme Brulee
Smashbox, Cover Shot Palette: Ablaze, shades Relaxed, Throwback, Torch, Moccasin, Dark Horse
Maybelline, The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara in Black Waterproof

NYX Lip Lingerie in LIPLI04 Ruffle Trim

Heidi xo

Everyday Spring Makeup Look

Hello lovelies and a great Monday!

New season, new look! Spring is on a good roll now and we are approaching summer. My daily makeup routine has evolved from the winter darkness to a more peachy look.

My mornings are busy so I have kept it really simple this spring.


In my makeup look you can see just a few products. I am really lazy at applying foundation on daily basis as it takes so much time. With these products it only takes 10 minutes to do my makeup.

If you have any recommendations of BB or CC creams hit in on the comment bar below.

After my daily skincare routine I apply some NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand under my eyes to hide dark circles and for any angry pimples that need cover up. To brighten the overall look I apply blush to my cheeks and to my lid. In this case I use the Makeup Geek Blush in the shade Romance. It is a peachy coral with a golden shimmery finish so it works as a blush and a highlighter, which to me is crucial when I only have so little time to do my makeup. For the application I use Real Techniques Contour Brush.

When my base is done I move to the mascara. By far the best drugstore mascara I have used, Maybelline Lash Sensational in Waterproof. Two coats of this makes it look like I’m wearing falsies.

To complete the look I use NYX Lip Lingerie in the shade Ruffle Trim. I spoke about this on 3 Favourite Lipsticks Right Now.

So that was it, really simple and minimal spring look. Let me know if you have done a Spring Makeup Look post and I will check it out. Hope you enjoyed mine. Till next time!

My Makeup Geek Eyeshadows + Swatches + Reviews



Happy April everyone!

How have you been doing? I feel like March went by too fast. Also the weather has been awful here in Finland, rain, snow and fog. Come on spring!

Last week I ordered some Makeup Geek eyeshadows and a small Z-Palette from BeautyBay. I am already a Makeup Geek fanatic even though I have discovered them just only about over a year ago (better late than never). My order included five (5) eyeshadows, which three (3) of them were matte eyeshadows and two (2) were duochromes.

I originally own two MUG eyeshadows, Shimma Shimma and Country Girl. I felt like these two were lonely and needed a squad, hahaha.

From left to right: Shimma Shimma, Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Country Girl, Cabin Fever, Ritzy (Duochrome), Havoc (Duochrome)

Shimma Shimma is a champagne color and so pigmented. It’s the perfect inner corner highlight. I also sometimes use it on the middle of the lid as a pop of color with any other eyeshadow. I’m gonna say what everyone else says about this eyeshadow, it’s a must have in your collection.

Peach Smoothie is a peachy orange shade. I ordered this because I wanted it to be my summer eyeshadow. It complements my blue eyes and fair skin so beautifully. It is perfect as a transition shade or just used on its own on the entire lid together with Shimma Shimma on the center.

Creme Brulee is a warm light brown color. It’s described on the Makeup Geek site as medium sand color with a matte finish. I found this a little bit drier than the other eyeshadows when I swatched it. I had to swatch it like three times because it wasn’t showing up. However, when I use it on my lid it shows up more pigmented and is creamy in texture which makes it easy to blend.

Country Girl is a shimmery muted pink brown. I use this all over lid when I’m in a hurry and want a pop of color. It look good on its own or with eyeliner. I couldn’t find this eyeshadow on Makeup Geek website, so I don’t know if this eyeshadow has been cancelled or something.

Cabin Fever is a reddish brown and it’s matte. This one is the most pigmented out of all the shades in my collection. That swatch on the picture is with one swipe. It is extremely buttery and blends well. This shade is great on the outer v and when doing a smoky eye. It makes my blue eyes pop.

Ritzy (Duochrome) is a red/brown based eyeshadow with green and gold flecks. I expected this one to be more gold/green than red. It looks beautiful on the pan, blends easily and is very pigmented. It looks so good when applied own its own on the entire lid because it has so many dimensions (it’s like you’re wearing 4 or more eyeshadows). I am a little bit disappointed because it isn’t what I thought it was, but I’m also very surprised that it actually looks better than what I had in my mind. Ritzy is a cool eyeshadow to have in your collection.

Havoc (Duochrome) is a rusty shade with green flecks. This is the eyeshadow I was most excited about. When I swatched it the teal/green in it really stood out. In the pan it looks like olive green but it’s actually so much more. Havoc can be used on its own but I combine it with Peach Smoothie and Creme Brulee. It is not as versatile as Ritzy but it’s unique and mesmerizing!

Do you own any Makeup Geek eyeshadows? Have you ordered something from BeautyBay recently?