Lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream Review

Hello guys!

Organic skincare has taken over my beauty cabinet. One of Lavera’s newest product, Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream has made it there. I got it in my hands in the Organic Beauty fair with some other things which I wrote about few weeks ago.


Just letting you know that I have used this only less than a month, but to me in that time you can tell if the product is right for you. I fell in love with this on the first time I used it. I applied it after my usual night time routine. The scent brings to mind a coconut water and vanilla mixture, so delicious and fresh. It applied like a mousse and absorbed quickly onto my skin. The consistency isn’t too heavy which I love.

My skin felt plump, soft, smooth and renewed in the morning after. It didn’t break me out. It’s hydrating but light enough for my combination skin.

The Lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream claims to have 5 over-night effects

  • Promoting skin’s natural regeneration
  • Revitalizes skin
  • Combats signs of fatigue
  • Provides intense moisture
  • Reveals smooth skin

It contains hyaluronic acid, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and other great quality nutritious ingredients.

I am always scared to try new products because my skin is pretty sensitive and acnetic. My stress also shows on my skin easily so this night cream has been much needed as it is antioxidant. And I feel like this has made my skin younger looking, given a more radiant complexion.


One dislike, I hate the packaging. It is too sturdy for my taste and it is oddly masculine but at the same time like a mature lady, lol. Maybe it’s the color and the heaviness combined. But I can ignore that because I truly like this product, and so does my skin.

This retails for 22 euros. You can find it in most stores in the natural cosmetics section.

I would rate this product 5/5

Would I repurchase this: Yes

My Makeup Geek Eyeshadows + Swatches + Reviews



Happy April everyone!

How have you been doing? I feel like March went by too fast. Also the weather has been awful here in Finland, rain, snow and fog. Come on spring!

Last week I ordered some Makeup Geek eyeshadows and a small Z-Palette from BeautyBay. I am already a Makeup Geek fanatic even though I have discovered them just only about over a year ago (better late than never). My order included five (5) eyeshadows, which three (3) of them were matte eyeshadows and two (2) were duochromes.

I originally own two MUG eyeshadows, Shimma Shimma and Country Girl. I felt like these two were lonely and needed a squad, hahaha.

From left to right: Shimma Shimma, Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Country Girl, Cabin Fever, Ritzy (Duochrome), Havoc (Duochrome)

Shimma Shimma is a champagne color and so pigmented. It’s the perfect inner corner highlight. I also sometimes use it on the middle of the lid as a pop of color with any other eyeshadow. I’m gonna say what everyone else says about this eyeshadow, it’s a must have in your collection.

Peach Smoothie is a peachy orange shade. I ordered this because I wanted it to be my summer eyeshadow. It complements my blue eyes and fair skin so beautifully. It is perfect as a transition shade or just used on its own on the entire lid together with Shimma Shimma on the center.

Creme Brulee is a warm light brown color. It’s described on the Makeup Geek site as medium sand color with a matte finish. I found this a little bit drier than the other eyeshadows when I swatched it. I had to swatch it like three times because it wasn’t showing up. However, when I use it on my lid it shows up more pigmented and is creamy in texture which makes it easy to blend.

Country Girl is a shimmery muted pink brown. I use this all over lid when I’m in a hurry and want a pop of color. It look good on its own or with eyeliner. I couldn’t find this eyeshadow on Makeup Geek website, so I don’t know if this eyeshadow has been cancelled or something.

Cabin Fever is a reddish brown and it’s matte. This one is the most pigmented out of all the shades in my collection. That swatch on the picture is with one swipe. It is extremely buttery and blends well. This shade is great on the outer v and when doing a smoky eye. It makes my blue eyes pop.

Ritzy (Duochrome) is a red/brown based eyeshadow with green and gold flecks. I expected this one to be more gold/green than red. It looks beautiful on the pan, blends easily and is very pigmented. It looks so good when applied own its own on the entire lid because it has so many dimensions (it’s like you’re wearing 4 or more eyeshadows). I am a little bit disappointed because it isn’t what I thought it was, but I’m also very surprised that it actually looks better than what I had in my mind. Ritzy is a cool eyeshadow to have in your collection.

Havoc (Duochrome) is a rusty shade with green flecks. This is the eyeshadow I was most excited about. When I swatched it the teal/green in it really stood out. In the pan it looks like olive green but it’s actually so much more. Havoc can be used on its own but I combine it with Peach Smoothie and Creme Brulee. It is not as versatile as Ritzy but it’s unique and mesmerizing!

Do you own any Makeup Geek eyeshadows? Have you ordered something from BeautyBay recently?